Monday, 15 June 2009

Rainy Hazy Summer Daze....

Just a bit of photoshop play, with another photo of Jasper, taking in the summer...

I have actually not done any serious wire jewellery making in a week or two! Shock,Horror! Actually I have become seriously addicted to Polymer Clay, and and am enjoying experimenting with textures, and surface painting on clay. I even made something that my hubby actually wants to wear....which is a feat in itself to have accomplished LOL (everything I do, is too out there, and feminine - apparently)

I will post up some pics of the latest experiments in the next few days.

I have almost finished the pendants in the Greek Goddess collection too, and will be making earrings and other accessories to match. I'm also working on a 100 pendants which will be part of a promotion, when the shop these fingers are being kept very busy LOL


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