Friday, 30 October 2009

Adult Survivor Of Child Sex Abuse

I like to blog about the pretty things in life, such as the sources of my artistic inspirations , for example.

However, I always feel that I am being a Fraud. It isn't about what I do say, but rather what I don't.

I am a jewellery designer. I have alluded to the subject of being in ill health , but truthfully I express the superficial facts and merely skirt around the darker issues that make me who I am,  and make me the creative person I am today

So once a week or so, I am going to dedicate a post to this dirty little subject that society subconciously pressurises me, to keep secret.

I am an adult survivor of child sexual abuse. The longterm impact of ritualistic, sustained abuse of this nature is often misrepresentated, especially in court.

I should know, the court case which I went through, as an adult, having lived a relatively clean cut life, in the eyes of society, was nothing short of being portrayed as a malicious, morally reprehensable, social deviant. Meanwhile, behind the curtain in the defendant's box, my father was portrayed as an upstanding citizen, and a victim of false memory implanting. He fought that case tooth and nail, bringing up fraudulent testimony and so called counterevidence

But guess what ?! I won, and he went to jail.

Everything unravelled after that experience, but for now, I want to end this intro post by thanking the Man Upstairs for blessing me with the creative talents that I have, and for my beloved husband

Monday, 19 October 2009

My Faves from the Spring 2010 Runway Collections

I loved loads of the latest runway shows for Spring. Alexander McQueen's nature inspired outfits, with walking jellyfish, reptilian and woodland prints were very exciting. I loved the Valentino delicate drapery, lace and colours too, they were my faves

I really loved a lot of the Chanel suits and girly thigh skimming outfits, and Roland Mouret's lady like drapery with chunky jewellery were outstanding too.

I tend to be inspired by nature and art when making jewellery, and these are sure to exert an inflence somewhere down the designs process. Hope you like the pretty pics anyway

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Dark Angel

My latest piece, called Dark Angel...

It is sculpted in sterling silver and contains a beautiful dark amethyst coloured glass cabochon. It is inspired by H R Giger the artist behind the Alien and Species movies . I obviously have been watching too much sci fi recently LOL

Its been fun getting back into wire sculpting again, after months of silver clay and polymer.This piece will be part of my products to sell in the near future

Time to go and make more jewellery....hope you liked it

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Matching Ring

I have just come up with this ring today, and am really pleased with it. It is made from fine silver and sterling silver, plus my faux enamelling style made from polymer. It is wonderfully organic to look at, and really comfortable to wear.

I reckon I will be making more of this type of style in the future...
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