Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Adult Survivor - Longterm Affects

The longterm affects of child sex abuse (CSA)are prolific and cover every spectrum of the human experience

If you think about it in basic terms, what do we human beings need, food, shelter, comfort, unconditional love from somewhere and a sense of selfworth

If you are lucky to get most of these albeit in varying degrees, then you have the basic tools that help with growing up, mixing, finding loved ones, and creating your own families

First off as an adult survivor, you genuinely don't have any concept of self worth. Especially those that undergo ritualistic abuse, imagine how confusing it is, that with every positive sign of love, even if declared, there is the betrayal, mindgames and abuse to counteract that

Have you ever seen wounded animals? They become immobile, in a frozen state, and after enough time has passed, they don't complain, or draw attention to themselves, for fear of reprisal

The adults that arise from these backgrounds, tend to trust noone, have adeep sense of self loathing and can barely function as a normal adult at times

I tended to swing from one extreme to the other.Seemingly stable, successful and confident, then for no apparent reason, everything crashes around my ears, and I want to crawl under my duvet and never re-emerge

I use huge amounts of energy to overcome all sorts of hang ups to get through everyday situations.

The trick is to keep getting up, and to keep trying....


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