Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Flickr Favourites - A Dark Day

1. ~ Took a real "Beading" ~, 2. Flow, 3. Untitled, 4. Screaming Marble Head

More mosaics at Artmind's Blog

I am having a pretty bad day. This mosaic reflects my mood I guess.
You know when you feel everything is too much, and overwhelming, and yet you have no choice but to put in your best effort. That is today

I'm so tired and feel invisible....


  1. I wish you strenght...and maybe let the day passing by...struggle on those days doesn't realy help...

  2. Thanks for the sweet inspiring words cri-cri. We all get days like this don't we :)....it won't last I'm sure

  3. I hope that your day (and your mood) improve. I really hate those days, but they do pass. Lots of love in the meantime x

  4. I hope your day gets better. I love the dark beauty of the mosaic.

  5. Your mosaic is beautiful, but I hope you'll feel better soon. Last week was full of such days for me, I remember too well, how it was :) Good thing is that bad days always pass and sun will shine again :)

  6. Too bad you aren't feeling well. If it's any consolation, you made a very cool mosaic.


  7. Good things come from bad things - your mosaic is absolutely stunning! I hope your mood gets better soon too! I hate days like these!!! *hug*

  8. I hope you are better by now!! I know these feelings..good thing they come and GO
    hang in there!!

  9. Gorgeous mosaic!
    I hope you will feel fine soon ((hugs))

  10. Clair -Thanks for the sweet thoughts

    Spotted Sparrow - Glad you liked the mosaic, it does have a dark beauty to it LOL

    Kuutydruk - Thanks for the well wishes, my day of darkness is passing LOL. Everything is OK

    Mariana - So glad you liked the mosaic, thanks for commenting

    ArtMind - *hugs* The day is much better now, and these warm comments have been lovely.Thankyou

    Ooty - Thank you for the good thoughts, glad you like the mosaic

    LeelaBijou - Glad you liked the mosaic so much *hugs*, thanks for the kind words

  11. Beautiful mosaic! Love the black and red combination and the dark feeling beneath it... it's only sad that it reflects your mood... hope you're feeling much better now! Better days will come :)

  12. I hope you'll have a moment to give a little rest to yourself. Take care:)

  13. Awwh thankyou for the compliments and thsweet sentiments, anapina and karuski. I am much better today thanks, as you say these moods do pass :)


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