Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Anti - X Factor Anarchy!

Living in the UK has obvious perks, I love my country...

But putting up with no original music, and a poor excuse for a music industry gets right up my nose

We have had the latest undigestable daily mouthfuls of the latest Simon Cowell extravaganza. There are the sob story contestants, the back stage gossip and rumours, the staged bust ups beween judges etc etc etc

Now we have another hijacking of the UK charts. Cowell, apparently now has his hand in all of the current UK Top 10 albums. They are either his acts, or albums of acts who were promoted on the show

The latest winning act's single, is another rip off cover

I thought I was one of the minority who do not watch the show, and disliked the hold Cowell and the like have over what we listen too, but it looks like there is a silent majority...possibly

The current race for christmas number 1, which for the last 5 yrs has belonged to Cowell, and his minions, maybe overuled by Rage Against The Machine

I loved the track the first time round, and have it on tape at home. Today I downloaded it as a protest to try to get this to number 1, with it's own sweet message to Simon Cowell in the chorus

Enjoy the spoof video


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