Friday, 4 December 2009

Jewellery Mosaic

New Photobucket toy!
Actually since the Winter weather here is making it tricky to get the right light for jewellery photos, I tried my own indoor studio .

The pieces are the same as ones I have shown before, but on a different background. So instead of boring everyone with the same pieces I used this fancy mosaic thing.If you hover your cursor over the mosaic everything moves, and an image will zoom into focus.

I can be such a geek sometimes, LOL


  1. wow cool toy, love how the pics jump up!
    Your jewelry is gorgeous!

  2. fun! your wirework is amazing!

  3. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................

  4. @ Star of the East and
    @ Marbella Jewelry Designs

    Thank you so much for your amazing compliments on my jewellery. I do think the photobucket gizmo made them look a little bit more snazzy LOL


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