Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Movie Mania!

It's funny. I usually cannot find a movie I really am looking forward to.
Then like double decker buses, 3 come along at once LOL!!

The new Sherlock Holmes

A tongue in cheek Sherlock and a sexy Watson, and I love Mark Strong as the villain

A Single Man

I love Colin Firth, especially when he acts all emotionally repressed and this movie looks interesting. Its also a Tom Ford diectorial debut...


I am partial to Rob Marshall movies, from an aesthetic point of view as well as the plot.Not sure about the music, and Fergie LOL
Still, I am looking forward to seeing this, a lot,
et j'adore Marion Cotilliard


  1. Wonderful choices! Can't wait to see 'A Single Man' but I hate the trailer for it:(

  2. You know I totally agree about the trailer for "A Single Man". If I hadn't read the synopsis somwhere and scene a clip, I don't think I'd have bothered LOL


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