Sunday, 31 January 2010

Best Man FAIL!!!!

This had me in hysterics this morning.
Tea spat everywhere, and there was much hysterical guffawing over this clip
I do feel bad for the wedding couple though, but still...

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Straight out of the Lion King!

Source Here

Checking out the papers today, and it is truly disheartening overall.
A mix of sex scandals, reality tv hunks and harlots, and a mother smothering her children to death.Lovely....

I saw this pic by chance near the bottom of the page, and it really reminded me of the Lion King Disney movie, the Daddy Lion is definitely looking grumpy, but amused by his hyperactive little cub. So cute...

I really think sometimes, that I prefer animals to people LOL

Orlaith's Matching Earrings

I used up the last of my sculpted clay leaves to make matching earrings.

I like the outcome so much, with the matching citrine rondelles, that I am inclined to make more leaves to make matching earrings for all the fairy pendants

The weekend is going OK so far, it is pretty chilly here, but the sun was bright. Did a bit of gardening this morning, fixed the trellis, and pruned back a rose bush....

Tomorrow, I am going to do more website related work - but I need a reward of some kind, as encouragement LOL.I'll have to think of something...

Friday, 29 January 2010

YOJ - Week 3 Orlaith, Golden Fairy Queen

This is the last pendant for my Woodland Fairy Collection

I based this piece on Orlaith the celtic,Golden fairy queen.
The pendant is sculpted in fine silver, and I've added a couple of fresh water pearls, and a pair of stunning microfaceted golden citrine briolettes

I will be sad to let her go to be honest, I know I shouldn't have favourites, but I do love this piece a lot

I hope you love her as much as I do!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More Digital Art

I know this must be so annoying for those of you, that come here to look at my jewellery LOL

I am on a few days break from jewellery.
I will try to get my week 3 piece done. It just needs oxidising and some beads added

Photoshop tutorials on the web have improved so much since I last looked around a few years ago. I made these today, and love them.

The way I rationalise it, is that all these graphics could come in handy for my website.
Thats what I've said to the hubby anyway, not that he is fooled LOL.
He just mutters "Uh-huh" with a knowing smirk on his face

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Photoshop Play

I haven't had fun making digital art in aaages.
I never give myself a day off usually,although I suspect most people running a home business don't get many breaks either

Anyway, I followed a couple of tutorials written at
I found this fab website today, full or resources and tips. I don't have anywhere near the latest version of photoshop, but I still managed to think my way round the tutorials somehow

So here they are.One is a fancy typography effect, with flourishes, and all manner of filters. The other is using a stock photo of a model, and grunging the image up, and adding light effects.

Most of these techniques were new to me today too:)

How to Cheer Up Sulky Cats

Since my workload has increased somewhat, the little furry friends are starting to act out.

The attention seeking had gotten to the point where they try to sit on everything I'm working on LOL.

So I came up with a way to appease them...Baskets!

I put one under my bedside table, next to where I was working, and another on the bed, with all my wire and forming tools for that day.
They took a basket each, and settled for the day.

Jasper fell asleep on my hammer and anvil, and refused to move, so I had to remove all my tools from beneath him.
Aside from that they were happy and stopped sulking.Yay!

Jasper even liked the necklace I made that day (Rhyannon from the recent collection)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunshine Blog Awards

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world. Kristin from K S Jewellery nominated me, which was so sweet and unexpected.Have a look at her blog when you get a chance, it is full of random nuggets of life and beautiful jwellery.

So here are 12 blogs I read frequently, and find really inspiring.I have linked them below, they are really worth the click!

1. ZooBorns
This blog of newborn zoo animals is so endearing and lifts my spirits no end

2. Eugena's Creations"
Eugena is one of my fave artists, she does Polymer clay mainly, but does a lot of mixed media. I bought a tutorial from her a few years ago, and never looked back

3. Murano Silver
Nicola is an amazing silver clay artist and has such an approachable manner.Lots of humour and handy tips makes her blog one of my faves to read

4. MangoTangoDesigns
Bev Gallerani is one of the metal clay gurus, who inspires thousands.I love her work, because it is so nature inspired and 3D.

5. Schin's Crafts
Schin is an amazing young artist who mixes traditional and digital art together. I bought one of her Geisha paintings, and love her sketches.

6. McNulty Quads
A family blog really, following quadruplets, 3 girls and a boy. I read their mini adventures, and ooh and awwh over their pics all the time!

7. WickWire Jewelry
Nancy is an amazing wire jewellery artist, who seems to be making jewellery all the time,which I love , because there is always something new and gorgeous to look at

8. ArtMind
Mitsy is an artist and her blog is very interactive, she brings people together and has many uplifting colourful posts.I visit there very often

9. Daily Art Muse
Daily Art Muse, is just that, a daily inspiration of all kinds of art forms

10. Tutorial 9
Tutorial 9 is a blog run by webdesigners full of freebies, and tips on graphic designs, for the amateur like me

11. RaceyTay Photgraphy
This artists photography is to die for, seriously gorgeous inspiring stuff.

12. Illusio Creative
Lorrie is a UK based artist, you really need to check out her paintings, nd textiles.I am always over there gawping at everything in awe

I hope you enjoy browsing around these blogs as much as I do

TV Temptation

(Much love and best wises to Michael C Hall. Hope you kick Hodgkins into remission, permanently)

Too much TV is Baaaad.I get majorly distracted and obsessed with tv shows too easily. Especially the ones with mysteries that lend themselves to conspiracy theories

In the US TV show seasons are recommencing. Damages is back on, so dark and twisted at times, and it always keeps me guessing. Supernatural, a beloved guilty pleasure, to which I can now add Glee, and Gossip Girl too LOL

Dexter's latest season was so amazingly well concieved, and the John Lithgow/ Michael C Hall combo was inspired.

In some ways I love my TV shows more than movies, I feel I get to know the characters better, and am more invested emotionally.
They are real dammit!!LOL!!

Anyway, I will have to ration myself, and use my tv shows as rewards for work done, otherwise my website will never see the light of day!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Adult Survivor of CSA : Just Move On

Got a letter in the post today, a 4 page diatribe from my mother

It basically said, I am not allowed to mention the past to her anymore, or ever get cross with her about it anymore, because it means I am living in the past.Oh, and to sort out my fertility STAT to get her some grandkids

I am all for the Moving forward philosophy of life. I try to live by it. The thing is my present and future life is tied up with consequences of the past, there is no escaping that fact

I am not living in the past, but like most adult survivors, there are a myriad of triggers that pull you back there anyway

My future is very different from where I was even 5 years ago, and this has everything to do with the past. I went to court with the rest of the family to put Dad in prison, because she had always refused to do it before then. He has abused more children since, but she does not feel any responsibility for that.

As a result of the past and the courtcase, I mentally am unable to do the job I was trained to do.Fact.

She actually never, ever got him removed from the family home. He left of his own accord a year after I left. Then she took issue with me not being family orientated enough to return to that home and play happy families with her.

She let me go into the real world as a seriously damaged eighteen year old, and was still full of anger and criticisms about my life choices. The nurturing mothering didn't remotely appear until there was irrefutable evidence of me being mentally ill, in my thirties.

I am trying to sort myself out. I will make a go of the jewellery business, even without her support. I will try to be positive about life

I will not however maintain contact with someone so damaging to my health and self esteem as she is.

A consultant psychiatrist said to me, years ago, that Adult Survivors of CSA always bounce back to the abusive parents for parental love and approval, which they probably never really had. She said it was a cliche. They need to move on

I agree in principle, but there has to be some empathy there too for the survivors. They had it bad, and rarely get cut any slack in adulthood for finding life hard. Is a little compassion too much to ask for? I think not.

YOJ:Week 2 - Salvani

Hi sorry I have been so absent this week, from the blogosphere. I have a had a tough week all round and it has kept me offline

The jewellery making has continued though LOL - so here is my Year of Jewellery week 2 piece - Salvani

Salvani are winged woodland fairies, that protect animals. They are meant to be attracted to all things red, so I made this pendant for them

I sculpted natural woodland elements in metal clay and added a reddish patina to the outer border.The gemstones are cubic zirconia.

As you can see I have a very close relationship with my art clay syringe LOL

Hope you like it :)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

YOJ Week 1 - Woodland Fairies and Nymphs

It has been a very busy week for me.
I have had a breakthrough creatively speaking, with sculpting in metal clay.

Here are the fruits of my labours...a new collection of pendants,woodland vignettes, that were inspired by woodland nymphs and fairies

This will count as my Week 1 of my Year Of Jewellery. No way will I keep churning out so many pieces each week LOL, but it's a good place to start

Queen of woodland fairies, something of a spiritual Goddess.
I imagined she would wear an amulet like this

A guardian of newborns. Her amulet as imagined, below

A water nymph.Blue dew drops and mixed fauna

Celtic Fairy Palace. I imagined this being part of the palace walls

I hope you like them. Feedback would be much appreciated :)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Adorable Feathery Angel!

There is a giveaway going on for US residents only I think, for the cutest little feather apron for little girls HERE

The model in the picture is so adorable, that I had to mention her. The trouble is I don't know what I want more, the fluffy princess outfits, or a little girl, just like this one LOL

Monday, 11 January 2010

Funny Egg Pictures!

I don't know why, but I cannot get enough of these pics!
The artist is linked here, NocturnalMoth from Deviantart.

They have tons more, I just picked my favourites LOL

Enjoy Your Breakfast!

Can't We All Be Friends

Behind Your Back

Nothing To See Here!


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Year Of Jewellery Project

This snap was taken yesterday. The hubby found me browsing on the internet instead of working. I thought I'd share because I quite liked it...

I'm thinking about starting a Year Of Jewellery project, since I pretty much make jewellery all the time anyway, and whenever I look back at the influences and media explored, I realize how restless my mind is LOL

So my aims for this year so far:-

1.Tackle my PCOS symptoms head on...contimue weight loss etc
2.Sort out the inventory for the shop, and the inland revenue applications
3.Try to stay mentally more focussed, and look on the bright side more
4.Open the store

Jewellery Wise
I'm going to continue to explore different media, but with a focussed theme in mind. I go off at tangents constantly

Anyway this is more of a personal post I suppose, more for me than you...which is a little self absorbed, but it helps me to make little public declarations like this, because it forces me to comply LOL

So thanks for indulging me, and reading this far xx

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Yearning For Spring....

I'm working on a series of vignettes based on flowers, leaves and nature found in my garden

I'm yearning for spring already LOL

I'm aiming to do them in silver clay, but tried out my "flower sculpting" skills in polymer clay first. How economical of me LOL!!!

Hope you like this sweet little pendant and I hope you had Happy Holidays

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