Sunday, 24 January 2010

TV Temptation

(Much love and best wises to Michael C Hall. Hope you kick Hodgkins into remission, permanently)

Too much TV is Baaaad.I get majorly distracted and obsessed with tv shows too easily. Especially the ones with mysteries that lend themselves to conspiracy theories

In the US TV show seasons are recommencing. Damages is back on, so dark and twisted at times, and it always keeps me guessing. Supernatural, a beloved guilty pleasure, to which I can now add Glee, and Gossip Girl too LOL

Dexter's latest season was so amazingly well concieved, and the John Lithgow/ Michael C Hall combo was inspired.

In some ways I love my TV shows more than movies, I feel I get to know the characters better, and am more invested emotionally.
They are real dammit!!LOL!!

Anyway, I will have to ration myself, and use my tv shows as rewards for work done, otherwise my website will never see the light of day!


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