Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Annoying...Moi? Surely Not!

There are times when I can prove to be really annoying to the beloved spouse.

He is a scientist - his world is full of protocols, experimenting within controlled conditions, bio-informatics and basically being methodical.

However, the poor thing is married to me, who has gone from a similar type in the medical profession, into a maniacal, tree hugging, boho, working all hours artistic type, with a temperament to match!.

To be honest we have both done really well coping with the transition.

But there are times when even I realise I am being ever so slightly annoying.
This tends to happen when I get inspired by something, then become intensely focussed on this new subject, then rabbit on and on, dishing out little factoids at him for no reason.

A bit like that kid in Jerry Macguire who says "Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?" at random moments.

I have become obsessed with marine biology, invertebrates more specifically.

So I have been spouting out factoids like, Did you know an octopus has radial as well as bilateral symmetry? or how so many creatures evolved from one tube of cells, closed at one end, and at the other can invert and form a bell shape like a jellyfish, or produce polypoid fingers like anemones...

After being bombarded for much of the weekend, he mutterd "Fascinating" and retreated into an armchair to watch the 6 Nations Rugby matches.

Oh dear....

Here are some pretty pics to finish with then

Jelly Fish

Giant Clams

Some dichroic glass cabs to help me create my marine invertebrate inspired jewellery LOL

I solemnly vow to try to be less annoying in future...yeah, right.


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