Monday, 15 February 2010

New Directions - A Blog Store

I think I am going to create a Blog jewellery store here, on a separate page of course (so no spam in your google readers LOL)

The reasoning behind this, is mainly because the actual website, will have a lot of features and categories, and will need tons more stock, and time to set up.

Also, I feel I am still in the learning skills stage.
I have so much to cover in basic neccessary skills, in metal clay mainly, and I do have a tendancy to focus more on the learning new techniques, rather than building up stock to sell, LOL

So I will be dedicating some webpages within the blog, for a store, to sell a few selected items, to help fund the main website.

If anyone is interested in anything they have seen here in particular, or can think of any suggestions on this topic, drop me a line at :)


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