Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Overworked and Underpaid!

I'm writing this tongue in cheek entry after a few days of slogging away, and feeling like there is still so much to do

Depressing isn't it...

Last week I made 5 fine silver pendants, which need bails attaching to them. Then I have made 17 mixed media pendants (polymer clay and sterling) which just need glossing and will also need bails.None of which I have shown here, by the way.

Meanwhile, I have bought what I need to try my hand at making fine silver rings, but do not have the time to do them yet.

My studio and bedroom, are covered in materials and half finished pieces...aaaah! and I still keep waking up with ideas, that I need to jot down, in the middle of the night

The website is getting my full attention this week, because it did not get hardly any last week. Oh dear....

So overall, too little time, too many thoughts whizzing around, worn out fingers, and money going out, and nothing coming in.

I am sure that something isn't quite right, with this equation LOL


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