Thursday, 11 February 2010

What a Weird,Funny World We Live In....

I came across some really cool images on the net over the last few days.
Some were so bizarre and hilarious, I had to share...

Cigarette Smoking Snake!

It could be pot, I'm not sure, but the owner of this snake has a 20 a day habit, and the reptile has now become addicted too.
Apparently it needs a drag each morning, otherwise it will get agitated!!!LOL
Source - randomization

Superbowl Football Has Its Gay Moments

This pic has been making the rounds, but it is such a hilarious random shot, of the back of Randall Gay's shirt coupled with the intimate scene in the foreground.
By the way, I'm not homo-phobic, just humour-philic LOL

Spilled Coffee Kisses

Can't remember where I found this, but it is the work of a ceramic artist, showing two faces kissing in the spilled liquid.So cool and weird!

How to Organise Your Cat Storage
This is so funny and cute. I cannot believe these cats stayed put for these photos to be taken...impressive!!!
Source - The Daily Tail

Neccessity is the Mother Of Invention
The incessant snowfall has lead to some very creative uses by some desperate people LOL

Outdoor Beer refrigerator
Source - randomization

Funny world huh.....


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