Friday, 26 February 2010

YOJ Week 7 : "The Heart Of Me" Pendant

Apologies for my absence in cyberspace, but I've had a flu bug :(

This is the latest pendant.A marquise Amethyst gemstone encased within a sterling silver heart
I went back to wire sculpture for this piece, I didn't realise how much I had missed it!

Hope you like it...
I am going to chill out this weekend and recoup, to hopefully be able to get work done next week *cross fingers*


  1. Sorry to hear you've not been well. Just seen this piece on JL and had to come and see some more details. I love your wirework... How on earth do you create something like this? Do you sketch and design it first or does it just grow as you make it? It is so detailed and intricate. Lovely.
    Kristin :)

  2. Hi Kristin! Hope it's sunny where you's just starting to brighten up here.

    I am going t do a more in depth post on the design process, but I will be honest with you for this piece, I had a high temperature, and started with a frame for the briolettes then the series of intricate knots at the top, to create a shape. The wire tension helps me determine the shapes most of the time, then the piece grows organically.Thats mostly why I find it so hard to reproduce anything LOL

    Other pieces, I do sketch, especially if they are based on a theme.

    Anyway, glad you love it :)

  3. Stunning Piece! All the work you do is so stunning:)

  4. That's an awesome piece of work, and I would love to see a post on how your designs evolve.

  5. You have done a great work. the designs are so pretty. Looking to buy an silver pendant online, Check exclusive collection at Rajsi.


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