Saturday, 27 March 2010

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun.....Not!

I have a gorgeous nugget of a freeform sculpted pendant waiting to be oxidised. My workbench is littered with silver clay elements ready to be fired, and my sketchbook is full of ideas for the new collection

Yet, nothing is getting done, because I am stuck in front of a laptop screen putting together my online store.
I have put a self imposed ban on myself, no playtime with jewellery making until the last touches are done to the shop website!

So I am looking down in the mouth, but I can honestly say, that the site is looking goooood... I just hope people will want to buy something O_0

Anyway, I will post up a YOJ piece week 11 soon, just maybe not in time, thats all. My hubby is helping me with some of the final touches and more mundane stuff LOL, so I can't just run off and leave him to go into the studio, now can I ?(don't answer that.....)

Oh well, nose back to the grindstone, ho hum....

Sunday, 21 March 2010

YOJ Week 10 : Freshwater Pearl Rings and Bracelets

These are some of the rings and bracelets that will accompany the barnacle pendants I'd made.They are oing to be jewellery sets

I went for wire sculpted smooth strong contours, with some organic flourishes here and there


The main shop website is going to be opening Mid April.
I am busily working behind the scenes, so I'll be a bit quiet again aside from jewellery pics

Thanks for stopping by....

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gaspard Ulliel Is Insanely Hot!

I remember when he was a cute boyish thing, but a charismatic actor nonetheless.
Have you ever seen him in Hannibal, the prequel to Silence of The Lambs?
He was really good in that, and is obviously a huge presence in French Cinema

New York Times have just done this photoshoot of him, and OMG he has grown up!I'd better hide this gushing post from the husband LOL

Monday, 15 March 2010

Website Building Is Tough!

I have actually been working on revamping my Jewellery Gallery.
I got hold of a blog template, checked the html and instructions, and I thought, this will take time, but it looks easy enough...

Famous last words

I spent from midday until midnight working on this thing.
I have a blinding headache now, and was close to tears at one point
I had to alter so much html language, and had to look up so much new language to help me get the effects I was after

Well, I am sure, I will be smiling again tomorrow, but right now, I feel dead!

Here is a link to it Jewellery Gallery
I managed to put the jewellery into categories, like necklaces and so on, as well as keep the featured collections intact.I tried to match the scheme to the main shop website, which will be the next stop on this merry-go-round

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

YOJ Week 9 : More Pearl Cluster Barnacle Pendants

I thought I'd try to save room on your readers etc by putting most of the latest pics in a slideshow.

These are continuing my barnacle pendants theme, using freshwater pearls, and sculpted fine silver, and sterling silver.
I hope to make many aspiring mermaids happy, with these pieces :)

Busy Bee

More photos to be taken today of the latest stuff.
I also have to make a whole bunch of rings, and have to work out what the most common ring size is in the UK/US *sigh*

I think I will be offline aside from posting the latest jewellery pictures, until my website is done. Something has got to give, doesn't it LOL.

It shouldn't be too long, but life does have a habit of getting in the way

...OK Off to take pictures now :)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Brighter,Clearer Skies

I came across this artist today, very gothic fantasy imagery.
Natalie Shau is the artists name.Her Website is HERE

I chose this picture of hers for personal reasons.
I love art that you can project your own meanings upon and draw your own interpretations from them.

Been a busy bee otherwise, making 5 necklaces, and will be moving on to other projects next week

The shop website is going to be focussed on again, but with much clearer
themes.I no longer dread working on it, instead, things are working out for the better

Everything feels very light and manageable recently, after a few dark days.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

YOJ Week 8:Pearl Cluster Barnacle Necklace

This is the new piece, or should I say, the start of a new range
As you may recall marine invertebrates and sealife are the current muses du jour. I have been designing jewellery based on this theme

This pendant is sculpted in fine silver, with sea urchin inspired textures.
On it's surface is a cluster of pearls and sterling silver sculpted to mimic barnacles clinging on.The pearls, are freshwater peacock pearls.
There are subtle coppers, turquoise, purple and gold tones within the patina.
(This shouldn't wear off, because of the Renaissance wax used to preserve the patination)

It's very organic, and it will hopefully become something of another signature style for me, because I feel it does combine the different media, and sculpted free flowing styles that I like best

Hope you like it! I am doing more in this style, this week

Messed Up

Source - here
Having a bad week, this week. Not in a good place in my head.
It will pass, it always does.
I tend to be ultracreative, and quiet and messed up usually for a while

I will post the latest jewellery pieces here this week, one new piece is already ready to be photo'd. I am just going to keep going and make some more, because I am so happy with it.

Other news, is that I have worked out how to cut down the nightmare of my website, making it sleeker, more user friendly and less complicated.
It will mean me deleting a whole load of pages I had already made, but the end result will be better, and it means I will be open that shop really soon.So that is good, isn't it.

OK, well bye for now
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