Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Messed Up

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Having a bad week, this week. Not in a good place in my head.
It will pass, it always does.
I tend to be ultracreative, and quiet and messed up usually for a while

I will post the latest jewellery pieces here this week, one new piece is already ready to be photo'd. I am just going to keep going and make some more, because I am so happy with it.

Other news, is that I have worked out how to cut down the nightmare of my website, making it sleeker, more user friendly and less complicated.
It will mean me deleting a whole load of pages I had already made, but the end result will be better, and it means I will be open that shop really soon.So that is good, isn't it.

OK, well bye for now


  1. sounds like we've both been in bad places. thanks for the advice on the headaches, i've tried so many things, but i'll keeping trying to get rid of these monster headaches.
    hope you get past your bad week too!

  2. Thanks Sandy, I am feeling a little brighter at the mo, after a cosy chat with my papa-in-law.I hope you feel better soon :)


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