Monday, 15 March 2010

Website Building Is Tough!

I have actually been working on revamping my Jewellery Gallery.
I got hold of a blog template, checked the html and instructions, and I thought, this will take time, but it looks easy enough...

Famous last words

I spent from midday until midnight working on this thing.
I have a blinding headache now, and was close to tears at one point
I had to alter so much html language, and had to look up so much new language to help me get the effects I was after

Well, I am sure, I will be smiling again tomorrow, but right now, I feel dead!

Here is a link to it Jewellery Gallery
I managed to put the jewellery into categories, like necklaces and so on, as well as keep the featured collections intact.I tried to match the scheme to the main shop website, which will be the next stop on this merry-go-round

Wish me luck!


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