Monday, 5 April 2010

Store Update and Natural Charms

Natural Charms
I thought I'd show a sneaky preview of one of the upcoming ranges, called Natural Charms, inspired by colours and textures seen in nature

The pieces are goin gto consist of fine silver textured "charms", and semiprecious gemstones, such as Garnet,Citrine, and Amethyst.A lovely luscious range

Aside from this, the website for the store is almost done! I just have to add a few wxtra info pages, and the rest will be putting up the jewellery thats cool

I have made loads of bracelets and bangles in the style shown with the pearl cluster jewellery sets, and have been making earrings and rings, so hopefully they'll be a good range to browse through

Anyway,I'd better get back to work :)

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