Sunday, 30 May 2010

Daily Inspirations

I have been so apathetic since working on the shop, recently.
I think I'm still getting over it LOL

There have been some offline selling developments happening, involving me getting a regular spot at Leicester Market, one of the largest indoor markets in Europe.
It will be fun to sell in person I think, and I will be looking into it next week.

I made a custom made stamp yesterday, to put on little carrier bags for the market stall - it's going to be so much fun!!!

Online wise, I have been very slow to promote the shop, so far. I will, but am thankful for the rest

Jewellery making has been good again recently, I already have some beautifully organic sculpted pendants waiting to be oxidised, and a whole pretty summery range of polymer pendants to finish off too.

I am trying to work out how to sculpt some ideas I have, in metal clay, inspired by flowers my hubby got for me recently (as part of my well done for finishing the shop pat on the back!)

I love my 3D sculpted elements, and do have some lovely briolettes idea is forming, I just need a little more time and inspiration for it to take shape!

Hubby's Inspiring Flowers

Baby Jasper, always at my side

Moi, having caught the sun...I look red, well almost!!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Lazy Days In Pics...

I was so beyond tired after setting up the shop, that all I craved was comfy furnishings to snooze on, sunshine to doze in, and my familial companions to be with. No jewellery or hobbies at all (well almost)

So here are snapshots from my lazy days in pictures...

Sunshine and Companions

Sunloungers in the back garden

Sulky Fur babies, begging me to come back in

and then giving up and settling to sleep....

Cats Up Close...

and finally, a bit of jewellery making- oops! I caved in and made some LOL

Sunday, 16 May 2010

My First Sale!!!!

I only went live with my website last night and I was still up at 1 am, ironing out the new bugs in the system that kept cropping up

So imagine my shock when I found out I had made my first sale today!
The first customer was my mother....which is even more unbelievable really, because she is the most computer phobic person I have ever encountered, and she has never ever bought anything online!

She phoned in the morning, and could not even find the shop on the web...seriously LOL.So the last thing I expected was that she would navigate the shop, choose something she likes, and navigate the shopping cart etc. The first I knew of it was a receipt notification from paypal!

Thank you so much Mum, for this special gift. I know we have such a rocky history, but you have seriously made my day today, and I'll never forget it!!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

We've Come A Long Way Baby!

It feels like it's been forever since I had free time enough to think, let alone blog. The shop is virtually done, just a couple of tweaks here and there, really. I am going to have a few days break, then will launch the shop, with a Free Blog Giveaway too.

My Year of Jewellery posts have been non extistent for a few weeks, but I have been making lots of jewellery, so I reckon I will do a monster YOJ post with all the missing weeks LOL

Everything is feeling really good right now, so I am going to try and hang onto that feeling for as long as possible :)
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