Sunday, 16 May 2010

My First Sale!!!!

I only went live with my website last night and I was still up at 1 am, ironing out the new bugs in the system that kept cropping up

So imagine my shock when I found out I had made my first sale today!
The first customer was my mother....which is even more unbelievable really, because she is the most computer phobic person I have ever encountered, and she has never ever bought anything online!

She phoned in the morning, and could not even find the shop on the web...seriously LOL.So the last thing I expected was that she would navigate the shop, choose something she likes, and navigate the shopping cart etc. The first I knew of it was a receipt notification from paypal!

Thank you so much Mum, for this special gift. I know we have such a rocky history, but you have seriously made my day today, and I'll never forget it!!!


  1. I wish you all the best with your online store - it looks really professional, all your hardwork definitely shows... and your jewellery is spectacular. May your first sale become the first of many!
    Kristin :)

  2. That was really sweet!, Going to go check out your shp now!

  3. She's the best! Wishing you much success! I will check out your website now.

  4. Aaah! So sorry to have missed your sweet messages - I have been either too tired to be online, or too busy having to fix all the glitches that keep cropping up with the shop!

    Kristin - you really are the sweetest, thanks so much for your support.I will be getting your flower tutorial soon from jewellery lessons today.I love them so much

    Thanks Mary!! I hope you liked the shop *crosses fingers*

    Thanks so much Sandy!!! I know you can appreciate how much it meant to me, having my Mum do that for me. I hope you liked the shop too :)

  5. Congratulation for your first sale. And such a special one.

    Congratulation for your shop. Bye, I must check your shop.


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