Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Lazy Days In Pics...

I was so beyond tired after setting up the shop, that all I craved was comfy furnishings to snooze on, sunshine to doze in, and my familial companions to be with. No jewellery or hobbies at all (well almost)

So here are snapshots from my lazy days in pictures...

Sunshine and Companions

Sunloungers in the back garden

Sulky Fur babies, begging me to come back in

and then giving up and settling to sleep....

Cats Up Close...

and finally, a bit of jewellery making- oops! I caved in and made some LOL


  1. nothing like a lazy sunday afternoon! i'll be under my blankies later today watching the final episode of "lost", i can't wait.

  2. Lucky cats to have such nice beds!


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