Wednesday, 28 July 2010

As George Foreman would say....

"I'm so proud of it, I put my name on it"

No I am not referring to the lean, mean grilling machine...but to my new piece which is a creative leap for me. I have even put a little tag on the inside with my initials

I have been offline for ages I know, but I had a lot to sort through. I tend to always be working creatively speaking though, because it is a wonderful form of therapy for me

Sculpting in metal clay is my focus for right now. The best part is that I have been able to combine my wire sculpture work, with the metal clay sculpting, to get closer to the picture in my minds eye.

I am really chuffed with how this has turned out - its part of a Mermaid collection, and has fine silver with Natural Aquamarine gemstones

So, I hope you like it, and anyway, it's just lovely to be back :)


  1. Glad to see you back, I missed you! Kudos on combining wire and clay:)

  2. Thankyou Mary!!! I cannot wait to catch up with your arty stuff too :)


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