Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Enchanted Looking-Glass Necklaces

click the thumbnails...

I was inspired by the idea of enchanted mirrors and dreamscapes. The after effects of watching Inception and BBC's Sherlock Holmes LOL

Being prone to dissociating (like a deep daydream, not quite awake) regularly, I found it interesting that Sherlock does a similar thing, to be able to think objectively, and to focus. And in the movie Inception, which was quite trippy in places, the idea of dreamscapes was everywhere, and I felt that Cobb and Fisher, went through their own form of therapy, with the team literally marching through and unlocking parts of the subconcious mind

So, I created some vividly coloured dreamscapes, of some of my favourite mood colours, and captured them in enchanted looking-glasses, as in Alice in Wonderland

Hope you like them :)

They are made from fine silver and handpainted polymer clay, and resin gloss. I layed a pale gold patina on the silver, too, to add to the enchantment :)


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