Sunday, 22 August 2010

Positive Things In The Pipeline

One of my latest wire sculptured necklaces. Sterling silver encasing a gorgeous turquoise gemstone.

I'm in a fab mood.

It seems like there is a possibility of becoming a member of the local arts council, and in doing so, will be able to recieve mentoring, funding and contacts e.g for exhibitions etc

I have to apply, before the end of the year, and if the panel of judges think I'm worthy, I become a member and get one to one mentoring within the design community!

Also along the same lines, there is a gallery I am going to apply for, which has a highly regarded rep.

There are also a few Events I qualify to apply for based in London, at the heart of the creative design scene

So although nothing has actually happened LOL, I am thrilled and motivated by the idea of what could happen. I feel really inspired to come up with some amazing pieces, before the application deadlines, so that I can include them with the forms

Wish me luck!!!


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