Friday, 17 September 2010

My Creative Process

I have been sent emails recently, from the curious, wanting to know how I come up with my creative (and often fantasy inspired) ideas

So this is a little post dedicated to you know who you are!

I've been strolling around in Charnwood Forest, near where I live, now that Autumn is setting in. The beauty and quaintness, of the sleepy villages, set amongst the trees, got my imagination going

I imagined little fairy homes, coming alive with the closing light, and little fairy lanterns being lit (I warned you not to enquire after the way I think, because it is a little off the wall LOL)

I then started sketching some ideas...

which led to me to thinking about the Fairy Lanterns, and what they would look like...

As you can see, the idea is forming of translucent faceted gemstones, that resemble dew drops glistening in the light. The lanterns will be sculpted in silver, with tendrils to encapsulate the stones.

And a new Autumnal fantasy collection is formed!!. I have already started to construct the lanterns, but have taken a break this week from work, as a holiday. I will keep you posted with pics of the bejewelled fairy lanterns as they are made

Hope you enjoyed the journey :)


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