Thursday, 28 October 2010

My Little Kokeshi Dolls

I may have mentioned that I am having a little trouble finding my mojo again.My mind has drawn a blank recently, which is weird for me

But tonight at least I am smiling again, with a little help from photoshop

I messed around with my graphics tablet this evening, and came up with these adorable little kokeshi dolls. They always cheer me up

These ones are inspired by the digital art seen on Etsy like this one

I hope they bring a little smile to your face too :)


  1. Very very cute - these would look great on a birthday card.

    I had a mojo problem a while back. I decided not to worry about it and make the most of it by doing different activities, e.g. gardening. It took about a month to come back but I actually felt quite refreshed when it did.

    Best wishes to you
    Kristin :)

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