Thursday, 23 December 2010

Mokume Gane in Polymer Clay

Along with my new found passion for creating kaleidoscope cane, I have been getting into Mokume Gane. There are a few methods out there.

I have been experimenting with Tory Hugh's texture imprint version, and mixinng it up with the Hidden Magic versions, with some fun results

I made some texture sheets, by making patterns out of extruded snakes of polymer on a flat sheet. Then imprinted them onto my skinner blends of clay

Here is the first sheet, it reminds me of surf and sand

With the left over "scraps" I made these hearts, using caning techniques

Then I made swirly beads with the rest. This Mokume Gane sheet went a long way :)

Here are a couple of bookmarks I made in a different MG colour scheme

Fab vibrant colours aren't they? I must be reacting to the white snow surrounding me here LOL. We will be having a white christmas for sure this year :)

Happy Holidays!!! Hearts and Kisses :)

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