Friday, 26 February 2010

YOJ Week 7 : "The Heart Of Me" Pendant

Apologies for my absence in cyberspace, but I've had a flu bug :(

This is the latest pendant.A marquise Amethyst gemstone encased within a sterling silver heart
I went back to wire sculpture for this piece, I didn't realise how much I had missed it!

Hope you like it...
I am going to chill out this weekend and recoup, to hopefully be able to get work done next week *cross fingers*

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wet Weekend

Hope everyone had a good weekend.We have had heavy snowfall here.

As you can see my cats were joining in with a jewellery photo session - little monkey!

Been kind of busy this weekend really. I tried my hand at Mokume Gane with Polymer clay on Saturday, that went OK.
Next came wire wrapping, I started and have almost finished a beautiful sculpted pendant with a pink amethyst briolette sitting at it's heart.

Today, I made more of my handpainted polymer clay pendants, they've turned out to have a faux ceramics sort of effect, so I'm pleased with that.

I still feel kind of flat though, for no reason whatsoever.
Just one of those days I guess

Friday, 19 February 2010

YOJ Week 6: Handpainted Polymer Clay Pendants

This monster post is to show some of the seventeen painted polymer pendants I've finished off this week.
They all have sterling silver frames and bali silver beads

I handpainted all of them after texturing, they are inspired by the colours found in the coral reef.
I really love the textures on these, very organic.

A Couple of pics of unfinished items to show close ups

Hope you like them.
I will be putting them up for sale on the blog store here, soon, they will come with a sterling chain each :)

Contorted Newborn Sleeping Beauties

Check out the poses these newborns are contorted into for these photos!
Worry not, the babies are between 5-10 days old, and sleep blissfully throughout the photoshoots.

According to the article, a trained physio puts them into these amazing positions, and into the woolly props.

The main article HERE has tons more pics.

So Cute!!!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Adult Survivor: Rant Post - No More Apologies

OK this is a rant warned, turn away now LOL

I remember thinking that whatever happened before the courtcase, could be pushed to the background, because the remaining family members pulled together to put him in prison

That was September 2004. 5 years on, and there was no fairytale ending
My mind broke down, basically and I became a more obviously split personality.
I had always been, you understand, but I kept it to myself, and it didn't really show, other than to my husband

I have DID (dissociative identity disorder), or in laymans terms multiple personalities.
It's fine really, I just have very strong child personalities which express themselves.It's not put on, or an act and has been confirmed by several specialists.

The courtcase acted as a catalyst, and was such a traumatic experience that it caused the separation to occur.
Thats the best way to explain it...
When you are abused as a toddler until your late teens, your mental development and personality development is affected.

One of the most common adaptive responses is to dissociate, in other words, go somewhere else in your head, when things are being done to you.
Kind of like daydreaming, but stronger.

If you are exposed to trauma frequently enough, sustained over years, from such a young age, you are not going to develop normally.Fact.

I don't think it is so hard to understand, but my family do.

My child personalities, well the main one, is a little force of nature.She is 3 years old, and was preserved.
When she emerged it was a shock, and really difficult for us to manage.

Now everything has stabilised.
I cannot work in my former medical capacity, with members of the public, but I can now indulge in my more creative sides, and try to make a living with that.
The child sides come out at home mainly and are more controlled

Doing art seems to suit my illness,and personalities and really I would say, I feel happy and lucky, and pretty optimistic overall.

Clouds darken however, when I am forced to apologise for being messed up, and apologise for being mentally ill to my own sister.
She wants me to be her perfect big sister, a kind of sensible no nonsense nanny type, that I was when young

She abhors what I am like now, and has shown throughout the last 18 months that she would rather I didn't exist to her, than be how I am now.

She has not seen me since the courtcase, lives abroad, is married and wants nothing to do with me

Now she is to have a baby, a blessing, a happy occasion to celebrate surely.
I am to be excluded from this event and will not be permitted to meet this new addition to the family, because she cannot tolerate me and my illness

No one else thinks I am that bad... so thats why I'm ranting today

Adult survivors have scars, after effects, some temporary, some permanent.
The abuse wasn't our fault , and the results are not our fault either.

I'm tired of apologising for myself, and tired of being judged, and treated as an inconvenience.
I am actually pretty self sufficient, smart and stable considering - but family do not want to cut me any slack.
They would rather I was a casual aquaintance and be superficial, and pretend they don't know me, or cut me out altogether

Well, I exist, I am here, and I am proud of who I am considering, and I dare you to go through what I have, and come out better adjusted,
if you are going to treat me so badly now.

OK Rant Over....

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Annoying...Moi? Surely Not!

There are times when I can prove to be really annoying to the beloved spouse.

He is a scientist - his world is full of protocols, experimenting within controlled conditions, bio-informatics and basically being methodical.

However, the poor thing is married to me, who has gone from a similar type in the medical profession, into a maniacal, tree hugging, boho, working all hours artistic type, with a temperament to match!.

To be honest we have both done really well coping with the transition.

But there are times when even I realise I am being ever so slightly annoying.
This tends to happen when I get inspired by something, then become intensely focussed on this new subject, then rabbit on and on, dishing out little factoids at him for no reason.

A bit like that kid in Jerry Macguire who says "Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?" at random moments.

I have become obsessed with marine biology, invertebrates more specifically.

So I have been spouting out factoids like, Did you know an octopus has radial as well as bilateral symmetry? or how so many creatures evolved from one tube of cells, closed at one end, and at the other can invert and form a bell shape like a jellyfish, or produce polypoid fingers like anemones...

After being bombarded for much of the weekend, he mutterd "Fascinating" and retreated into an armchair to watch the 6 Nations Rugby matches.

Oh dear....

Here are some pretty pics to finish with then

Jelly Fish

Giant Clams

Some dichroic glass cabs to help me create my marine invertebrate inspired jewellery LOL

I solemnly vow to try to be less annoying in future...yeah, right.

Monday, 15 February 2010

New Directions - A Blog Store

I think I am going to create a Blog jewellery store here, on a separate page of course (so no spam in your google readers LOL)

The reasoning behind this, is mainly because the actual website, will have a lot of features and categories, and will need tons more stock, and time to set up.

Also, I feel I am still in the learning skills stage.
I have so much to cover in basic neccessary skills, in metal clay mainly, and I do have a tendancy to focus more on the learning new techniques, rather than building up stock to sell, LOL

So I will be dedicating some webpages within the blog, for a store, to sell a few selected items, to help fund the main website.

If anyone is interested in anything they have seen here in particular, or can think of any suggestions on this topic, drop me a line at :)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone got lots of Panda Hugs today :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Paolo Nutini - Candy

For my baby.... love you forever

"...I'll be there waiting for you"

Thursday, 11 February 2010

What a Weird,Funny World We Live In....

I came across some really cool images on the net over the last few days.
Some were so bizarre and hilarious, I had to share...

Cigarette Smoking Snake!

It could be pot, I'm not sure, but the owner of this snake has a 20 a day habit, and the reptile has now become addicted too.
Apparently it needs a drag each morning, otherwise it will get agitated!!!LOL
Source - randomization

Superbowl Football Has Its Gay Moments

This pic has been making the rounds, but it is such a hilarious random shot, of the back of Randall Gay's shirt coupled with the intimate scene in the foreground.
By the way, I'm not homo-phobic, just humour-philic LOL

Spilled Coffee Kisses

Can't remember where I found this, but it is the work of a ceramic artist, showing two faces kissing in the spilled liquid.So cool and weird!

How to Organise Your Cat Storage
This is so funny and cute. I cannot believe these cats stayed put for these photos to be taken...impressive!!!
Source - The Daily Tail

Neccessity is the Mother Of Invention
The incessant snowfall has lead to some very creative uses by some desperate people LOL

Outdoor Beer refrigerator
Source - randomization

Funny world huh.....

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

YOJ Week 5 : Valentine's Hearts and Flowers

Over the past few days, I have continued with trying to make silver clay bezel jewellery, and also did some 3D sculpting.

For Valentines Day, I've put together some cute fine silver pendants, with cut out hearts, and sculpted flowers and leaves

Hope you like them :)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Overworked and Underpaid!

I'm writing this tongue in cheek entry after a few days of slogging away, and feeling like there is still so much to do

Depressing isn't it...

Last week I made 5 fine silver pendants, which need bails attaching to them. Then I have made 17 mixed media pendants (polymer clay and sterling) which just need glossing and will also need bails.None of which I have shown here, by the way.

Meanwhile, I have bought what I need to try my hand at making fine silver rings, but do not have the time to do them yet.

My studio and bedroom, are covered in materials and half finished pieces...aaaah! and I still keep waking up with ideas, that I need to jot down, in the middle of the night

The website is getting my full attention this week, because it did not get hardly any last week. Oh dear....

So overall, too little time, too many thoughts whizzing around, worn out fingers, and money going out, and nothing coming in.

I am sure that something isn't quite right, with this equation LOL

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Woodland Fairy Muse

My Woodland Fairy muse....

I drew the image, and coloured it in photoshop

Having a lazy day, the hubby is watching the Rugby
England has just won, so thats good...
Hope evryone is well :)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Mermaid Watercolour Painting

A snippet

Smaller version of the complete painting

I'm going to be working on my new collection soon, based on marine life and mermaids

I had a half finished watercolour painting I created last year.
I decided to finish her off digitally, which I've never done before
I like the result, and think I will do more traditional and digital art combos for my website

This is a snippet of the result. I painted gills on her cheeks, as my own imagined version of a mermaid

I haven't named her yet, so if you have any suggestions comment below

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Flickr Favourites: Organza Extravaganza!

1. organza, 2. Organza W.I.P, 3. tags, 4. Lavender sachets
I chose a fun, random Flickr Favourite today, based on artwork inspired by organza, one of my fave materials :)

See more flickr favourites today, at Artmind's Blog

Monday, 1 February 2010

YOJ Week 4: My First Silver Clay Bezel Setting

This is the first time, that I've ever set a stone that cannot be fired in the kiln, in precious metal clay

I embedded Bezel wire, and sculpted around the frame.It is not a complete success, but it is good for a first attempt

I'll be trying out more of these, and try to get a feel for bezel setting.
I do love my syringe tool though, I'm so tempted to make the bezel out of that LOL

I've decided to add this one as my week 4 from my year of jewellery.It is one of the methods I have been dreading to try out, so it feels right to include it as part of the jewellery project :)
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