Monday, 27 September 2010

Florabelles - Fairy Lanterns

Do you remember me mentioning my current obsession with Fairy Lanterns?
It came up in this post, about my creative process.

Well, I finally made a couple of these lanterns, sculpted in Fine silver. The faceted gemstones are the twinkly fairy lantern lights, reminiscent of dew drops.

I've named them Florabelles, because of the bell shaped flora and fauna, cupping the gemstones. I intend to make more of these in various gemstones
The slideshow below, shows one Cognac Quartz Florabelle, and another in Green Amethyst

I hope you love them, as much as I do

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The New Deathly Hallows Trailer

Looks amazing!!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Out and About, and Down in the Mouth!

I've been holed up in the studio today, working on a fairy lantern inspired idea (see last post). It's been tricky, and fiddly to do, and the weather has been overcast all day, to match my mood

The hubby's back at work, and it's been a reminder of how much guilt free fun we had last week. I haven't edited the pics yet, aside from these two.

They are shots taken of the cute artsy studios and shops located in the Ferrer's Gallery, Ashby de la Zouch. Everything was so quaint, and inspiring.

I adored the Blandine Anderson Sculptural ceramics...they were gorgeous

I hope I'll feel better tomorrow :)

Friday, 17 September 2010

My Creative Process

I have been sent emails recently, from the curious, wanting to know how I come up with my creative (and often fantasy inspired) ideas

So this is a little post dedicated to you know who you are!

I've been strolling around in Charnwood Forest, near where I live, now that Autumn is setting in. The beauty and quaintness, of the sleepy villages, set amongst the trees, got my imagination going

I imagined little fairy homes, coming alive with the closing light, and little fairy lanterns being lit (I warned you not to enquire after the way I think, because it is a little off the wall LOL)

I then started sketching some ideas...

which led to me to thinking about the Fairy Lanterns, and what they would look like...

As you can see, the idea is forming of translucent faceted gemstones, that resemble dew drops glistening in the light. The lanterns will be sculpted in silver, with tendrils to encapsulate the stones.

And a new Autumnal fantasy collection is formed!!. I have already started to construct the lanterns, but have taken a break this week from work, as a holiday. I will keep you posted with pics of the bejewelled fairy lanterns as they are made

Hope you enjoyed the journey :)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

My Prince Valiant!

My hardworking, adorable hubby, has passed Part 1 of his PhD in Molecular Genetics!!

This is as well as working fulltime, and being my benefactor and biggest supporter. We have not had the easiest ride this year, and now we are going to get to go out every weekend and have some fun!

Throughout all the trials and tribulations he is steadfast, strong, compassionate and is my rock - so in honour of this milestone I made movie poster stylee digital artwork of his image. He is my Prince Valiant

He'll still have another 18 months or so left on his PhD, but he has broken the back of it, and is really enjoying it. I am crazy proud of him

What I'm Up To...

Here is a sneaky peak at an upcoming project.These are handpainted, textured polymer clay sheets, that I'm going to combine with fine silver

I've handpainted a fair few, inspired by all the autumnal colours of my Virginia Creeper, which is taking over my back garden at present :)

It doesn't look like much now, but they will be turned into wearable art, before you know it!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Play With Me!

I can always tell if I've been a little work obsessed, my furry companions become real little nuisances (in the most adorable way, of course)

This is an example of me trying to do some digital art, after having been playing with various clays. Jasper decided he'd had enough, and entwined himself with the usb connection and lay all over the wacom graphic tablet, refusing to budge

I gave in, and he settled there, after copious amounts of fuss

Sweet furry muses....
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