Sunday, 2 January 2011

Electroforming Polymer Clay

As you can see, I have been doing a lot of experimenting recently.
I've made these Snake like looking pieces, which look like they should represent Slytherin or something, don't they?

The hubby has been off for his hols, so as any normal couple would do, we thought we'd don our white coats , goggles and gloves for a spot of electroforming in the conservatory LOL

We bought an inexpensive kit,from Gateros plating. They sell components individually, and have specialist kits too.

Anyway, I made some crackled foil polymer clay pieces, and painted on the copper conductive paint.

After drying, we popped them into the tank, and set our current and temperature (we messed around a bit with all the levels, just to see what happened)

And here are close ups of the results...

The copper plating is smooth, and has a tight uniform grain.
On another piece, I increased the temp, and current, and the grain, was more coarse and organic, with plenty of texture

I think I'll go with the more organic look for the next lot...I'll be sure to take photos :)


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