Thursday, 17 March 2011

Leaving This Blog

Hi I thought I'd better tell those of you that follow me here, that I am not going to be updating this blog anymore!!

I am in the process of opening an Etsy shop to sell my jewellery, and will be closing Amadora Designs for good.I thought I'd go under my actual name, which feels right to me at this juncture.I think I had a lack of confidence before, and put jewellery up under a pretty, but impersonal name.

So here are the pertinent links:

The new blog, will have links to the new Facebook and Twitter pages, and also has a bigger blog post area, so I can have L A R G E photos of my jewellery up.

The photo is of my latest piece, the Ocean Cluster Necklace, theres a link to the blog post HERE about it. Hope you like it :)

Incidentally, I'll also be selling offline too, and will get to enjoy meeting customers face to face which will be wonderful :)


  1. hello Samantha,
    i came here via Penny's blog. your work is breathtaking! i am entranced by it all, from your wire wrapping to your mokume gane PC ... just amazing. i can see that you take a lot of pride in your work and must be an artist who excels in anything you touch ... i have not explore the whole of your blog, but from the wires to PC ... they utilize very different skills and you rock them both! your eye for design is remarkable. altho your designs can be considered "busy" but they are amazingly pleasant to the eye and flows into each other like they are made for each other. your color combinations are natural and beautiful, and blends like a marriage as well. i am awestruck by your talent.

    luthien :)

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